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We are a company specializing in the recruitment of professional drivers C+E category

For EU carriers, we provide candidates from Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Preparing drivers ready to start a work, helping candidates to fulfill official requirements, documents and accommodation legalization.

Our Candidates

We have at our disposal a wide database of candidates from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and other European and Asian countries. It helps us to match potential drivers to the carrier’s requirements professionally. Parameters, like experience, languages known and country of origin allow extracting an appropriate driver for your needs. We carry a recruiting process completely, verifying the experience and paperwork of every candidate, still leaving a final decision of hiring to the carrier. We can present both, groups and single candidates.

Our Duties

We are responsible for the entire process of preparing and verifying documents, such as:

  1. Digital tachograph card (ChIP).
  2. Code 95 (certificate of professional competence for drivers).
  3. Certificate of medical examination confirming the lack of contraindications to work as a driver in Poland.
  4. Certificate of passing psychotechnical examinations in Poland (psychological tests).
  5. We provide assistance and support in obtaining documents required for employment.
  6. We provide assistance and advice on the legalization of a foreigner's stay on the territory of the European Union.

Our Payoff System

Our payoff system is suitable and transparent. Our company’s wage is strictly connected with a candidate’s time of cooperation and salary. We know the importance of flexibility in business, as well as the value of building a common goal, which is why we are focused on long-term cooperation.

Our Partners

With their trust, we successfully cooperated with companies such as: RTL, 3Dots, TGL, Suntrans Logistics, Artimas, GlobalWorldwide, TGL, APU Dairy and Elion Dairy.
Professionalism, wide database of drivers and formal responsibilities on Elion Drivers made us one of the most picked companies on the logistics market.

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